It's Hot Outside! Protect your instrument!

It is no surprise that it is hot in Houston during the summer, however it has been especially so recently. Violin family instruments are especially sensitive to the heat for a couple of reasons: 1. the glue which holds the instrument together is water/heat soluble. I have literally seen necks pop out of violins when they were left in a hot car. ...
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Lachezar Kostov - Assistant Principal Cello -Baltimore Symphony

Incredibly high-quality instruments and bows, as well as a wide array of affordable rental violin, violas, cellos, and basses, Sam's Strings is the place to go to regardless of your professional status. 

Patrick Moore - Axiom Quartet

Sam's String's consistently has the best quality string instruments for the best price.  I also recently purchased his Vlc600 model cello and a very fine handmade bow of Sam Matthews, owner of Sam's Strings.

Dr. Daniel Saenz - Sam Houston State University

Sam Strings offers the finest quality instruments for the money. Cellists of all levels find that his instruments are easy to play have a beautiful tone that is distinguished from the rest.

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