Arcus Carbon Fiber Bows

Arcus Carbon Fiber Bows

Considering a new product, or one that is dismissed simply because of a material or concept is something a shop owner has to carefully consider before stocking it.  Luckily, we love to try out new ideas, and are eager to find more useful and significant advances in making beautiful music for everyone!

Carbon fiber made its first known appearance during the late 19th century as the lightbulb was first being developed.  Over 150 years later, carbon fiber is everywhere from pens to car bodies and even prosthetic limbs.  The use of carbon fiber in violin bows is not new either - what is new, is the concept to develop a carbon fiber bow that is not based on a traditional wood bow, but one redeveloped, utilizing the unique characteristics of the construction material to the medium being performed on!  For more information on Arcus bows unique construction, please read here.

So, I ask you, the reader, to consider what is normal; what do you need; and what is it you want from a bow. Is a Arcus bow right for you?  Perhaps.  Certainly, we feel it is something worth seriously considering.  Contact us today, for a personal consult to help you determine if an Arcus bow is right for you.

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