Introducing Zack Johnson - Violin luthier

Introducing Zack Johnson - Violin luthier

We would like to introduce and welcome the newest team member here at Sam's Strings, Zack Johnson, a graduate of the Violin Making School of America.

A bit about Zack:

Zack Johnson was born one cold, blizzard night in Great Falls, Montana. Two short years later he up and left for Roseburg, Oregon. He felt a strong draw to Irish fiddle tunes and classical violin music at a young age. Making, building and carving a multitude of various projects filled much of his time growing up. Naturally, the first time he picked up a violin he had to make one. So he sought instruction from a local maker, David Dunn, and began building his first violin in 2006. That was enough to get him hooked and he decided to pursue formal training at The Violin Making School of America, where he graduated from a few years later. Following graduation, Zack worked as a luthier at established violin shops, as well as tirelessly produced 19 violins, 4 violas and 2 cellos in his free time. Zack's next adventure has brought him to Katy, TX, where he is excited to contribute to the future of Sam's Strings Violin Shop. 


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