Reserve your rental for the Fall!

Reserve your rental for the Fall!

After our extremely cold February, it feels like we are only weeks away from Summer, which means it is time to reserve your new orchestra player's instrument for the Fall!

Sam's Strings "Select" Rental plan is an ideal package to learn on, featuring an excellent sounding, handmade instrument which is professional adjusted and setup, a wooden bow, name brand USA/European-made strings, and a lightweight, durable case or bag.

In addition, each rental comes with a Protection Plan, as accidents to happen, and we cover all normal wear and tear, including broken strings, bows, bridges, etc.

Purchase opportunities: When you rent with us, you accrue credit with a shop featuring one of the most comprehensive inventories in Texas under one roof. 

Expert guidance: We are a team of highly trained and award winning luthiers, musicians and educators with years of experience in the music industry, here to help your young musician succeed!

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