Updates effective 4/27/20

Updates effective 4/27/20

Dear Friends,
In a few very short weeks, our daily life/world has changed dramatically. What comes to my mind in this exceptional time is the "Serenity" prayer written by Reinhold Niehbuhr in the first half of the 20th century:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference

Despite the obvious challenges brought forth by COVID-19 and the sacrifices we have all made (and continue to do so) as a community, our passion for what we strive for here at Sam's Strings has not diminished! If anything, this experience has magnified our passion for the art of violin making/history, restoration, music education, and our customer relationships.

Here is where we stand (effective 4/27/20):

1. "Retail to-go" - This means we are arranging pick-up appointments (made via online and phone orders) for our customers to retrieve anything we normally sell (strings, books, accessories, bows, instruments, etc  -  no face-to-face contact)
2. Rentals - Now is a great time to start playing! Many people are at home and now finally have the time to learn an instrument - we are here to help with that - we are renting instruments, handling exchanges, returns and more! We are offering "Virtual Sizing" online via Zoom!
3. Online Troubleshooting of instrument problems - We are available on Skype, Zoom, Telephone and Text - not to mention a growing number of Youtube videos to assist in normal maintenance activities!
4. Expert Online Instrument Purchase Protocols are in place! If you or your student need to upgrade to a better instrument, we not only have a wonderful inventory, we have a strategic and unique method in place to help you find that "perfect" instrument. This might be the most personal shopping experience you have every experienced! :) Contact us to know how we can provide a personally tailored instrument shopping experience for you or your student.
This is where we hope to be soon:
1. Convenient and safe repairs and restorations - At the moment, we are not able to work on customer's instruments. Due to the fragility of musical instruments and the inability to sanitize an instrument in a timely manner, we are not currently able to accept repairs. This is something we are actively investigating! Just as much as you desire your instrument to be in the best of shape, we concurrently miss the challenge and intellectual exchange in determining how best to solve your instrumental needs! We believe as more research is done on this subject, to quickly and efficiently destroy the COVID-19 virus, we will be able to safely receive your instruments and bring them to the highest standards again.
2. See everyone again "in person," healthy and happy!
Please stay safe, stay strong - We can't wait to see everyone on the other side of this!
Sam Matthews, President
Sam's Strings Violin Shop
Contact us:
Skype: info@samsstrings.com
Texting: 713-309-9080
Telephone: 713-257-0459
E-mail: info@samsstrings.com

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