What makes Sam's Strings instrument rental program unique?

What makes Sam's Strings instrument rental program unique?

For the parents of a new musician, there are several factors that play a role in the decision making process of which store to consider renting an instrument from:

Teacher recommendation and Quality of Instrument/Sound

Many parents often receive a recommendation from either their private instructor, or their school teacher about possible rental options. This is a very good place to start, as they usually have years of experience, and likely know the quality differences between different stores. The most common way for a musician/teacher to tell the quality of a rental instrument is simply by playing it, and assessing the sound. This is an important factor, which Sam's Strings takes into account with all of its decision making regarding our instruments. In addition, there are many technical elements in setting up an instrument properly, which help a high quality instrument sound its best. Each instrument that leaves our shop is carefully inspected to reach its fullest potential. Sam's Strings was founded by a professional cellist, and we understand the correlation between a new musicians' growth with that of a good sounding/playing instrument.  


Price is always a factor.  In our opinion, creating a product and a price point is a philosophical decision for each business. Rather than create a multi-tiered system of rental levels, as is quite common, we have chosen to create only one level of rentals, which we believe incorporates our standards of excellence, including as "essentials" for which other stores may charge extra. We believe this simplifies the process for parents, by assuring them that they will receive an instrument from the beginning which will meet their teacher's requirements. In a small way, this sets the platform for future interactions and transactions you might have with us.  We will always work with our customers to provide a wide selection of high quality instruments, accessories, and services at the most reasonable rates possible. This being said, for customers who require custom arrangements for their rentals, we are happy to accommodate you to the best of our ability, al la carte.

Policies, Service, Purchasing Options

We feel that renting an instrument with a store is akin to building a long term relationship with a partner. Our violin shop does become an essential partner in your child's musical growth by providing not only the instrument rental itself, but as a resource for your family through professional repair services, provided by trained luthiers who are active in making and repair. In addition to offering musical expertise, insight and guidance, we provide you with products and services which may embolden your child's learning, as well as provide access to all levels of instruments (beginner through professional) once you are at a terminal point in your rental, and wish to purchase. This last point is extremely important, and one we take seriously by stocking some of the area’s best selection of instruments, bows and accessories. When it comes time to purchase, having multiple options is the key to finding your voice. 


We live in a large metropolitan area, and know you have priorities, and driving is probably not high up on the list! To help offset this, and make our business available to you as much as possible, we are open Tuesday through Saturday 10am-6pm.  In addition, we provide free delivery/pickup service to ALL Katy ISD schools, as well as a select number of schools in Houston..

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