Sousa Spiccato Viola Bow- Silver Mounted

  • Sousa Spiccato Viola Bow- Silver Mounted

Sousa Spiccato Viola Bow- Silver Mounted


To ensure your satisfaction with your new bow, I suggest contacting me prior to ordering a bow. This way we can choose, from our large inventory of bows, one that best meets your requirements!  

About Sousa Bows
Founded in 2002, the Brazilian bow firm Sousa Bows, boasts a wide variety of bows ranging from entry-level to advanced. Their team of bowmakers, including internationally recognized makers, use high quality Pernambuco and semi-finished German-made frogs to produce their bows.


How I pick bows:

Each and every bow that I sell from Arcos Brasil passes two tests before entering my inventory.

1. I inspect the craftsmanship and material of the bow.  I am looking for grain direction, grain length, flaws in the material, how the mechanism of the screw works, the fit of the frog, the curvature of the stick, etc.

If the bow passes the 1st inspection, then:

2.  I rosin up the bows and play them!  In this stage I am looking for sound projection and qualities, balance, feel and weight.  Of course, I often measure these physically with tools, but putting the bow onto the string and playing some Dvorak or Mozart puts it into a more real perspective than just raw numbers. There are just too many variables to a good bow and I find the best way to find great sticks is to just play them. 

In the end, I compile a large selection of consistently excellent performing sticks, with a variety of tonal and playing qualities, all of which I find suitable for different players.  Please contact me to let me know what you are looking for. I enjoy working with customers to find a bow that meets their needs within their budget!


General Details on Grading Bows:

Like most bow workshops, Sousa bows qualifies their bows by the mounting used to adorn the sticks. They have a wide variety of price points for their bows, starting from their very affordable nickel-mounted Sonata violin bows at $590.  This model, the silver-mounted "Spiccato," is a step-up model and reasonably priced at $720.