Dear Customers,

Like most professional violin shops, we handle many customers' instruments, often times cleaning and servicing them with chemicals and solutions to help keep them maintained. To do this safely, however, we protect ourselves in the workshop! It is not uncommon for customers to see us donned with masks, ear protection, disposable gloves and so forth. We wish to continue serving the community to the best of our ability during this uncertain health crisis - and so, we want to let all of our customers know, we may be wearing masks/gloves throughout the working day, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, we will daily sanitize areas which are commonly touched (such as door handles, light switches etc), to help mitigate the risks of the Coronavirus. 

  • Customers wishing to try instruments will be asked to wash hands or use hand sanitizer. Our staff will do the same.
  • All rental instruments returned will be set aside for a minimum of 10 days before the are refurbished and put back into circulation.
  • All instruments and bows which have been sent out on trial and returned will be handled with great care - We are implementing procedures to sanitize these instruments and bows. All instruments brought in for repair will follow a similar procedure of sanitation before and after work is completed.
  • FYI - Please do not put hand sanitizer on your instrument; the alcohol in it can damage the varnish on your instrument.

Katy ISD will be closing schools starting March 16th through at least the 22nd and so, we have decided to take our own action to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We will temporarily transition to being by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Once the COVID-19 emergency is over, we will revert back to our normal business hours (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm). We will work to be as flexible as possible to serve our customers during this exceptional time in our nations history, and appreciate your understanding and support. When we are able to return to normal business hours, we will send an update, as well as post on the web.

In the meantime, Sam's Strings has set up an "instrument care hotline" via Skype, which we will be monitoring. We will respond to any inquiry within 24hrs. Through this online medium, we will do our best to troubleshoot common problems that come up with instruments. We have also set up a line dedicated for texting as well. We welcome your communication!

Skype address: info@samsstrings.com 
Texting: 713-309-9080

In addition, we plan to make regular videos which we will post up on Facebook and Youtube, which will provide answers to commonly asked questions. Have an instrument related question you need answered? Send us your question and we will post a video for you! In the meantime, we will be busy building and setting up new instruments for our inventory to increase our offerings - we will post pictures and videos of our work as well!!

Thank you all for your understanding - best wishes from all of us at Sam's Strings to you and your family. 

Sam Matthews, President
Sam's Strings Violin Shop