Rental Plan Basics

Sam's Strings "Select" Instrument Rental

All instrument rentals come set- up with:

  • quality D'Addario Prelude, Ascente, Zyex, Alphayue or other name-brand string
  • a brazilwood bow at NO additional cost
  • a sturdy case or bag
  • cleaning cloth and rosin

By renting an instrument from Sam's Strings, you are making a true investment into your current and future musical equipment. We hope that we will be a true partner in your long-term musical success. It is our goal to form a relationship with our customers with the understanding that we will provide an excellent product to learn on, which is properly maintained. Then, when you are at the terminal point and ready to purchase, you will have excellent options you would be pleased to own.

In addition, by renting with Sam's Strings, you earn equity towards the purchase of a new instrument. 100% of your rental fees can be applied to a maximum of 50% of the list price of any instrument we have in stock (not including insurance/tax), excluding consignments. This is NOT a rent to own plan, but rather a flexible renting plan. This allows the student to learn on a good quality instrument, that is easy to play and projects, while gaining equity to later purchase an instrument they REALLY want; this, in turn, will help them grow even more. Also, after the 3 month initial renting period, you may cancel at any time without penalty (assuming the instrument is returned in good condition).

If you would like to "upgrade" your strings to a professional quality, we offer that at a discounted "a la carte" rate - rather than charging you more per month. Also, we have a limited number of pre-professional instrument rental opportunities - please inquire for more details.

Monthly Fees

Sam's Strings "Select" Instrument Rental


quality case, brazilwood bow, cleaning cloth and rosin

Violin (and viola up to 14 inch)

   $29.99 (plus tax)

($24 Rental + $5.99 Maintenance) + tax

Viola (15 inch and larger)

$32.49 (plus tax)

($25 Rental + $7.49 Maintenance) + tax


      NEW = $51.99 (plus tax)

($43 Rental + $8.99 Maintenance) 

Bass (limited availability)

USED = $61.99  (plus tax)

($52 Rental + $9.99 Maintenance)


Terms and Conditions

Maintenance Plan Agreement: The renter will be responsible for our instrument, including theft or damage (reasonable wear excepted), until the instrument is returned. The renter is required to pay for a monthly maintenance agreement. The maintenance agreement covers broken bridges and bows, and general upkeep of the instrument. Major damage to the body of the instrument, including but not limited to, broken necks and stolen instruments may result in a $150 deductible fee for violin, $350 for cello and $400 for bass. Claims for stolen instruments must include a police report. The maintenance agreement is not in effect during air or overseas travel, except with specific authorization. The maintenance agreement will not cover: theft from an automobile, heat damage, lost or intentionally damaged instruments, damage incurred during shipping, or shipping costs. We must perform or authorize all repairs. Should damage or loss not be covered by the maintenance agreement, we reserve the right to charge the cost of repair or replacement to any credit card on file. Renters whose instruments are stolen or badly damaged will lose any equity accrued.  Should maintenance or repair be required on an instrument, bow and/or case, the renter is responsible to bring the instrument, bow and/or case to Sam's Strings during regular business hours.  Sam's Strings may also be able to provide other pickup and delivery options as an added convenience

Monthly Maintenance Fees: Violin $5.99 / Viola $7.49 / Cello $8.99 / Bass: $9.99 

Equity/Purchase Plan: This is not a “rent to own” contract. The instrument being rented is NOT for sale. However, if the renter wishes to purchase any of our many instruments for sale, we offer the following: 100% of your rental fees can be applied up to half the list price of any instrument we have in stock (violin starting from $649, violas from $799, cellos from $2299 )- i.e.: 2 years of violin rentals at $21 X 24= $504; Purchase a violin at $899, and $449.50 can be applied to the purchase). Equity is not transferable to other instruments or accessories (i.e.. cello to violin). The maintenance and tax payments are not included. Instrument equity may not be combined with other rentals’ equity. Equity expires when the instrument is returned. *Renters whose instruments are stolen or badly damaged will lose any equity accrued up to the purchase price of the instrument.

Fee Structure and Payment Policy: Rental fees must be paid in advance monthly, and will be automatically deducted from your credit card on file. Rental contracts are Month to Month, with the first 3 months fees being paid at the opening of a rental agreement. This initial 3-month payment is non-refundable, after which the contract continues month to month until the instrument is returned. Return/Past Due Account Policy 1.) Returns: Returns can be made at any time! To avoid being charged for the following month, instruments must be returned by the last day of the preceding month. In addition, the first 3 months rent are non-refundable, regardless of if you return the instrument beforehand. 2.) Past Due Account Policy: You may rent the instrument for as long a period as you wish, so long as your monthly rental payment is on time and in full. If you are having trouble making a payment, please contact us and we will try to work out a solution with you. However, if we do not hear from you and payments are more than 30 days late, a $10 penalty fee will apply. Clients with rental contracts over 60 days delinquent must return our instruments or we will report the instrument stolen. We reserve the right to use any remedy deemed necessary (including lawsuit) to take possession of unreturned rental instruments and to collect all past due rental fees, late fees, legal fees, collection costs, and losses due to instruments not covered by the maintenance agreement. Possession of an instrument owned by us constitutes acceptance of the terms of this contract.

Pre-ordering a Rental: Upfront payment of the first three month’s rent is accepted in good faith. The contract begins on the day the instrument is picked up or delivered to the renter.  We know that life throws curve balls and plans change!  This charge is refundable up until the date the instrument's contract is set to begin (i.e.. the first day of school).

Availability is on a first come, first serve basis, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests!  Rental rates and/or contract terms are subject to change at the end of any rental period.


We carry the accessories your teacher wants for your rental!